Our specialty at Your Desired Smile is customizing comfortable and functional; complete, partial, or implant retained dentures. Your Desired Smile takes pride in creating dentures that look as good as your natural teeth. We pay great attention to the details that are important in creating a beautiful natural looking denture.

At Your Desired Smile, we use high-impact, wear-resistant materials that improve the force of the patient’s bite. The most esthetic and durable final dentures are made from acrylic, composite or Zirconia. Advantages of these materials include greater resistance to plaque hardening buildup, color stability, and strength.

The procedure of making a denture takes a couple of dental appointments in order to insure every step necessary to customize the dentures are done properly.

If you have any questions you can trust your dentures in Tampa specialist, Dr. Luis A. Alicea. We encourage you to come in for a consultation at Your Desired Smile.


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