Root Canal Removal

Traditionally, root canal treatments were considered to be  “saving” a tooth, however, a root canal, at its essence, creates a dead tooth that stays in your mouth to wreak havoc on your whole system by increasing your risk of developing chronic, systemic illnesses.  

There are two ways to have a root canal removed: cleaning and re-sealing or total extraction of the tooth.

  1. Cleaning and Resealing
    Ozone therapy is a ground-breaking system that allows for intense cleaning to reach the small canals inside of the dentin that traditional root canals can’t reach. After the tooth is properly cleaned and the harmful toxins are safely removed, the area is resealed with a biocompatible alternative.

  1. Extraction
    During an extraction, the entire tooth is removed with immense care. Because the bone and roots are extremely fragile, they are more prone to breakage. In order to preserve the bone surrounding the tooth for a future implant, the infected tooth must be carefully extracted. In some cases, patients must wait a several months until a biocompatible Zirconia implant can be put in place to ensure the site is fully healed.

Dr. Luis A. Alicea is a leading holistic dentist in Tampa Bay who helps patients regain control of their health and wellbeing with nontoxic dental services such as safe root canal removals.  To safely remove your root canal, the team of specialists at Your Desired Smile will review your oral health, past procedures and any potential health complications. To schedule a consultation for a root canal removal, call 813-580-5244 or book your appointment online at

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