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You would love your smile if your teeth were just a little bit whiter, right? If you don’t need to make any drastic alterations to shape and texture to your teeth, professional teeth whitening is likely your best bet. If you’ve tried over the counter ‘solutions’ you were probably disappointed. The truth is, most over the counter whiteners’ ingredient list mirrors that of common toothpastes. That won’t cure the most common stains like tobacco, coffee and wine.

Modern, professional teeth whitening is fast, efficient and is much less irritating to teeth and gums due to advances in the technology. Our teeth whitening procedure can positively impact just about every smile but it’s best for more serious or prevalent stains.

This procedure is a godsend for many but it won’t work on every discolored teeth. For discoloration due to trauma, you may want to consider porcelain veneers on affected teeth in addition to full mouth whitening to ensure that the color matches.

If it sounds like you could use a professional teeth whitening treatment, give us a call at 813-580-5244 to schedule a consultation!


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